• Eczema Balm
    Eczema Balm

    Clinically proven to treat eczema, dryness & dermatitis. This rich concentrated balm is clinically proven to treat eczema, dermatitis, irritation and dryness on the body and rebuilds the skin barrier. As effective as a 1% hydrocort...*

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  • Eczema Sheer Face Ointment
    Eczema Sheer Face Ointment

    This concentrated balm treats facial dermatitis, eczema and dry patches, leaving irritated skin soothed and protected. Formulated with 2 active pharmaceutical ingredients, safely treat dermatitis on the face and 360 degrees around the ...*

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  • Diaper Rash Balm
    Diaper Rash Balm

    Clinically proven to treat rash, redness & irritation. A diaper can be a hostile environment; the constant exposure to wetness can leave baby’s skin raw and irritated. This super-rich healing balm was formulated specifically to safe...*

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  • Gentle Eczema Balm
    Gentle Eczema Balm

    Clinically proven to treat eczema, dryness & dermatitis. A serious bout of eczema is painful and uncomfortable for baby, and concerning for parents. This red, itchy and ouchy rash affects at least 20% of babies and toddlers and can ...*

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  • Gentle Eczema Sheer Face Ointment
    Gentle Eczema Sheer Face Ointment

      Clinically proven to treat eczema, dryness & dermatitis. Battling eczema on sensitive facial skin can be uncomfortable for baby and concerning for parents. Skinfix Gentle Eczema Sheer Face Ointment provides gentle, targeted therapy...*

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  • Kids Eczema Balm
    Kids Eczema Balm

    Clinically proven to treat eczema, dryness, dermatitis. Winner of the Parent Tested Parent Approved™ Award. Don't let a bout of eczema slow your kid down! Skinfix introduces Kids Eczema Balm, specially formulated to work safely and quic...*

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  • Lip Repair Balm
    Lip Repair Balm

     Flavour Free Winner of Allure Best of Beauty 2016 40% Coconut Oil This lightweight, natural finish balm that helps soothe, soften and banish dry lips on contact. With natural emollients including 40% coconut oil, this moisturizing balm...*

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  • 12 Hour Miracle® Ointment
    12 Hour Miracle® Ointment

    Clinically proven to protect & restore smooth, healthy skin. This active pharmaceutical ointment is clinically proven to protect chapped, cracked and irritated skin and rebuilds the skin barrier. A true multi-tasker, this concentra...*

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  • Inked Tattoo Balm
    Inked Tattoo Balm

    99.5% Naturally derived. This concentrated aftercare balm with active allantoin and coconut oil protects tattoos as they heal and provides daily care to revive and enhance existing ones. Enhance color vibrancy and line definition while ...*

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  • Inked Tattoo Enhancing Spray
    Inked Tattoo Enhancing Spray

    Tattoo culture is now mainstream. Today there are roughly 7.4 million Canadians who have at least one tattoo. This revolutionary aftercare formula is petroleum-free and conveniently packaged in a spray-on mist format. Designed as a daily...*

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  • Rash Repair Balm
    Rash Repair Balm

    Treats redness, chafing and irritation. Soothes and protects skin from wetness, friction and irritation. Skinfix Rash Repair Balm is a must-have for every medicine cabinet. This do-it-all super healing balm fixes irritations from head-to...*

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  • Friction Guard
    Friction Guard

    Locks out wetness & irritants that cause chafing & rash. All the benefits of our best selling Rash Repair Balm in a convenient, easy to use spray. This lightweight formula sprays on evenly to soothe and protect skin from wetness,...*

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  • Renewing Cream
    Renewing Cream

    Clinically proven to smooth dry, rough, scaly, bumpy skin and Keratosis Pilaris or “chicken skin”.*  96% Naturally derived. Dermatologist recommended.   This luxurious moisturizing body cream smoothes and softens rough, crepey skin and ...*

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  • Inked Amplify + Protect Kit
    Inked Amplify + Protect Kit

    Tattoos are lifetime investments, and how you treat them after application is just as important as who applies them. Skinfix introduces Inked Amplify + Protect kit.   Skinfix Inked Tattoo Balm is the ideal aftercare to promote the healin...*

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  • Lip Kit - 4 pack
    Lip Kit - 4 pack

     Flavour Free Winner of Allure Best of Beauty 2016: Steals!   40% Coconut Oil.   Get your Skinfix Lip (4 pack) with our assortment of our favorite Skinfix Lip Repair Balms. This kit includes our Allure award-winning Skinfix Flavor Fre...*

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  • Smoochable Six Kit
    Smoochable Six Kit

    Skinfix Smoochable Six delicious collection of flavored lip balms are formulated with 40% coconut oil and range from sweet to spicy making them good enough to eat! This banquet of deliciously flavored balms take your lips from dry to dre...*

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