The secret to beautiful skin? A healthy skin barrier

Beautiful skin starts with a healthy skin barrier. Exposure to elements, pollutants and cleansing with harsh products can break down the skin barrier leaving skin dull, damaged and dehydrated. Skinfix, the experts in healthy skin, introduces the Healthy Skin Face Collection. Inspired by the beauty and intricacy of South Korean pottery, our formulas are stored inside double-walled, airless packaging making them both beautiful and functional.

Each luxurious formula in the Healthy Skin Face Collection is infused with our unique Healthy Skin Lipid Complex™, which is clinically proven to replenish essential skin lipids and maintain a healthy skin barrier. Designed to work together, our regimen is infused with rich emollient oils, proteins, peptides and natural extracts that encourage glowing, healthy, beautiful skin.

Clinically proven to rebuild and improve skin’s natural barrier for healthier skin.

In a 28-day dermatologist led clinical study:

  • 93% showed significant improvement in radiance
  • 96% showed significant improvement in softness
  • 96% showed significant improvement in smoothness

100% agreed their skin looked and felt healthier.

Healthy Skin & Face
  • Foaming Oil Cleanser
    Foaming Oil Cleanser $45.00

    98% Natural.Dermatologist Recommended. Beautiful skin starts with a healthy skin barrier. Nourishing the skin with a mild cleanser that replenishes depleted lipids is the first step in improving the delicate barrier of the skin. Skinfix...*

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  • Foaming Clay Cleanser
    Foaming Clay Cleanser $20.00

    99% Natural.Dermatologist Recommended. Healthy, radiant skin starts with a healthy skin barrier. Traditional clay cleansers and masks often strip the skin, leaving it feeling tight and dry. Skinfix Foaming Clay Cleanser uses natural coc...*

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  • Moisture Boost Serum
    Moisture Boost Serum $45.00

    97.5% Natural. Clinically proven. 93% felt that this serum made their skin feel plumped and refreshed.* Beautiful skin starts with a healthy skin barrier. Super concentrated Skinfix Moisture Boost Serum is exactly what your skin has been...*

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  • Hydrating Lotion
    Hydrating Lotion $30.00

    97.5% Natural.Clinically proven.100% showed significant improvement in skin’s radiance after just one use.* Beautiful skin starts with a healthy skin barrier. Give your skin the fresh pick-me-up it deserves with Skinfix Hydrating Lotion,...*

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  • Nourishing Cream
    Nourishing Cream $40.00

    99% Natural. Clinically proven. 94% showed a significant increase in skin’s moisture after just one use.* Beautiful skin starts with a healthy skin barrier. The secret to glowing healthy skin is protecting and maintaining the skin’s nat...*

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  • Brightening Eye Cream
    Brightening Eye Cream $35.00

    99% Natural. Clinically proven. Beautiful skin starts with a healthy skin barrier. Uncover the magic of healthy skin with an eye cream formulated to wake up dry, tired eyes and diminish dark circles and puffiness. Skinfix Brightening Eye...*

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  • Lip Repair Balm
    Lip Repair Balm $5.00

     Flavour Free Winner of Allure Best of Beauty 2016: Steals! 40% Coconut Oil Whether your lips become drastically dry in cold weather, you are a chronic lip licker or your favourite lipstick leaves your lips parched at the end of the day...*

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  • Facial Cleansing Cloths
    Facial Cleansing Cloths $15.00

    99% Natural. Dermatologist Recommended. This convenient 20 pack of individually wrapped soft cloths gently remove traces of makeup, dirt and impurities - even waterproof mascara! Whether you’re at home or always on-the-go, our natural cl...*

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  • Energizing Micro Scrub
    Energizing Micro Scrub $30.00

    98% Natural.Dermatologist Recommended. Rev up your skin with Skinfix Energizing Micro Scrub and reveal a smoother more radiant complexion in just one use. A natural microdermabrasion, this rich scrub uses Bamboo to exfoliate and improve ...*

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  • Coconut Water Hydrating Mist
    Coconut Water Hydrating Mist $22.00

    98% Natural.Dermatologist Recommended. This natural hydrating facial mist is infused with Coconut, Cucumber and Rose Essential Waters to soothe and refresh the skin. Provides an instant pick-me-up for dehydrated, tight and uncomfortable...*

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  • Facial Exfoliating Pads
    Facial Exfoliating Pads $35.00

    98% Natural.Dermatologist Recommended. Banish dullness and reveal smoother, more radiant and healthy skin with Skinfix Facial Exfoliating Pads. Each textured pad is formulated with a blend of natural glycolic, salicylic and lactic acids...*

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  • Face The Day Cleansing Trio
    Face The Day Cleansing Trio $15.00

    Up to 99% Natural. Dermatologist Recommended. Skinfix, the natural brand that dermatologists believe in, offers a new, sulfate free cleansing trio for all skin types.  Face the day with your choice of three soap and sulfate free natural ...*

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  • Lip Kit - 4 pack
    Lip Kit - 4 pack $15.00

     Flavour Free Winner of Allure Best of Beauty 2016: Steals!   40% Coconut Oil.   Get your Skinfix Lip (4 pack) with our assortment of our favorite Skinfix Lip Repair Balms. This kit includes our Allure award-winning Skinfix Flavor Fre...*

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  • Skin Nerd Starter Kit
    Skin Nerd Starter Kit $40.00

    A specially curated set of products with everything you need to start your clean, healthy skin obsession and to help leave your skin feeling softer and smoother, and looking more radiant. Dermatologist recommended Foaming Oil Cleanser re...*

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  • *Results may vary. There is no guarantee of specific results.